New Service Offering

New Service Offering

Real Time Networks, Support. How can I help you? 

My computer is locked up!! My phone was ringing and all of the sudden everything was frozen up. Thank goodness I could still dial out on my phone. 

This has become an all to common problem for our customers since we have been blessed with the ability to enjoy our computers, telephones and networks operating in harmony. Well, most of the time it is harmony. Occasionally a sour note will come out of the trio. And the thing is, sometimes it can be difficult to determine the originator of the problem. 

Oh, it is actually pretty easy most of the time. But often enough, it is not so easy. It might even take several vendors on the line together to gain agreement as to the root cause of the problem so that one of them can go to work developing a problem resolution plan (which cannot even begin until there is agreement as to whose problem it is.)  

You don’t have to accept the frustration and lost time in troubleshooting any longer, though.  

We are now offering Remote Monitoring and Management Programs that will allow you to have RTN management of your computers, servers, network appliances, firewalls, antivirus. We will also provide, at the same one call number, US based help desk complete with coordination for the support of all these items as well as your business critical applications, printers, copiers, internet service providers and telco’s. Services are available 24/7. 

For smaller firms without an IT specialist, we can be your CIO/Director of IS/IT support specialist. For larger firms with an IT department, we can be a resource to manage down the workload (and hopefully payroll expense) of your IT Department. 

We will also help you strengthen your security by bringing standardized best practices to your organization. 

Contact Tim Scarafiotti at for a consultation. 

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