About Us

About Us

Real Time Networks was founded in 2006 to focus on helping customers with implementations of what was then called the ShoreTel Telephone System.  Our founder, Tim Scarafiotti, who had been in the industry since 1979 had heard about the system.  After ordering one of the systems and setting it up in an afternoon without training or assistance, he was sure that the system would be a hit with customers who wanted to simplify their telecommunications.  He was right.  As one of the first 200 ShoreTel dealers, there was far more demand for the product than everyone could keep up with.

We focused on providing quality installation and support of those ShoreTel systems all over the western US, and for years, that remained our primary business.

A lot has changed since then.

As time went on, our customers wanted us to help them go a step further than just helping them make their ShoreTel systems work well.  The next thing we knew, we were in the IT business.  In fact, voice is usually the most critical application in the network environment for any enterprise.  If there is any kind of problem, the voice is usually the first place to reveal it.  As we have continued to take care of our customers, we have learned more and expanded our offerings.

in 2017, Mitel acquired ShoreTel, and the name of the system changed, but that was about all that changed.  We slowed down our product sales for a while to make sure Mitel was going to continue to support the product as well as it had been before, but by 2020, it became apparent they were serious about supporting these customers and their systems for the long run.  With that certainty, we began to reestablish our sales of the product, just as the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic swept our country.  We ended up pulling out of contention for several projects around the country in 2020 to protect our personnel from any unnecessary risks.   But in 2021, with hopes that perhaps the pandemic is a story for our grandkids, we are again renewing our emphasis on searching out and connecting with new customers/partners.

We hope that you might be one of the organizations that we can help to improve your IT and communications services and processes.