Voice System Support

If you have a ShoreTel system or a Mitel Connect system, we would love to be your partner for the ongoing support of your system. For the whole time that ShoreTel measured the customer satisfaction of their customers with their partners we were ALWAYS in the top 10% of all their partners. A lot of things went into that achievement: training, good customer communications and follow-up, setting proper expectations, but more than anything, we believe this was based on having a terrific attitude. We care about our customers and we go deep enough to understand their needs.

Just contact us at sales@r-t-networks.com and we can get you a customized quote.

If you are unhappy with your existing partner, or you cannot even remember who they are, and within 4 months of the end of your existing support term, we may be able to switch you immediately to our support without a charge.

Warm Words


New Customer 12/23/20

I got a voice mail from one of my users, and was half afraid to hear it.  It’s usually a complaint which is where I thought the voicemail was heading (only because of history) but in fact, he called to let us know “whoever that guy was“  was just the greatest! Very professional and detailed. Fixed it right the first time and made sure it was complete before he left.  This was so exciting to hear!

New Customer 2

You are all just the greatest! Your guys always call so professionally, ready, and willing to help. I have never received a complaint or a sigh from any of them.

Existing Customer 1

Thanks for your help in herding the cats on that one.  Once we got all the other vendors on the same page, it all came together.  Your taking leadership in the path to a resolution was the key to getting this one off everyone’s plates!

We can put together a customized Quote for you.

Let us know what you are looking for and we can assign someone to assist you with a customized quote to meet your exact requirements.  Need a Government purchasing vehicle?  Not a problem. We have a bunch of them available, covering most products.

Our Partners

We have selected partners who deliver high value solutions that meet the needs of 90% of the marketplace