Voice Communications

Voice Communications

Depending on your preferences, we have a few products for you to use for your voice communications.  We can provide both onsite and cloud- based solutions, and which one is best for you is driven by such things as the quality of your internet connection, whether your users are quick to adopt change, and what levels of redundancy you require.

If for some reason, your internet connectivity cannot be reinforced to be of a high enough quality and reliability to support a cloud-based system, you may be forced to implement a premise-based system.  If your internet connections will support a cloud-based system,  then you will have both choices to consider.

Usually, finances then become a primary determinant.  Premise based systems are usually (but not always) a capital investment, versus an operating expense for a cloud-based system.  The commitment to a premise-based system is always for a longer-term.  You may be able to procure a cloud-based system on a month-to-month basis, to be sure you like it before transitioning that to a longer-term contract.

Generally speaking, Premise based systems offer you more control than a cloud-based system.  The vendor cannot get into your equipment room to apply an upgrade without your knowledge and permission, but more than one cloud telephone customer has found out after the fact that some upgrade to the system has impacted their service.  Our UCaaS and Cloud VoIP systems do offer you the ability to have as much control as you want, though.  That means having a portal through which you can make changes to your service, and check the status of the system from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We can put together a customized Quote for you.

Let us know what you are looking for and we can assign someone to assist you with a customized quote to meet your exact requirements.  Need a Government purchasing vehicle?  Not a problem. We have a bunch of them available, covering most products.

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