• We IDENTIFY your equipment and software as well as policies and procedures to help protect you against an attack
  • We PROTECT your system by putting controls in place to limit who has access to your network and data
  • We MONITOR your network for unauthorized connections and investigate unusual activity before an attack happens
  • We RESPOND in the event of an attack and have a plan in place to keep business operations running
  • We RECOVER and repair critical data and information if an attack has occurred so you can get back to business ASAP



Relax knowing your business will be taken care of whenever you have an IT issue by a full team of technical experts who are there for you when you need help.

  • Immediate access to tech support with a 24/7 live-answer help desk
  • Minimize downtime with proactive monitoring of your system
  • Additional antivirus security to protect your system from data loss
  • Security and Malware Protection to guard all Windows and Mac devices
  • Fast recovery to be able to restore your system in minutes
  • Filtering to prevent user access to inappropriate websites and phishing sites
  • Secured Wireless Access Points to encrypt all traffic directly to the internet
  • Two-Factor Authentication to increase network security


Is your business already using our services? You may wonder how our new cyber security services differ from what you are already receiving. Unfortunately, hackers continue to find new ways to threaten your digital assets. To be able to respond and protect your data, we have evolved our services to include additional tools to protect your data. The result is two options to protect your business: our standard security that comes with your traditional package and the new enhanced offering that goes even deeper to prevent hackers and others on the dark web from accessing your data and allow for immediate data recovery in the event of an attack.

* 2018 Ponemon Institute
** The Independent IT-Security Institute