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Online Test Drive- Why Mitel Connect is the best?

We specialize in what used to be known as the ShoreTel Line of VOIP Telephone systems; now the Mitel Connect systems. We Love this system for the high degree of simplicity to use and support while still delivering superb functionality. You can get it in either a premise-based or cloud-based version (or hybrid)- your choice!  VOIP does not have to be complex and confusing to be good! On the contrary, if it does not make things simpler, why do it at all?


Real Time Networks understands the importance of choosing the right supporting cast of products that works with your system to enable your people to maximize the use of your system.  We will happily work with your existing vendors to provide them with specification and assist in selection for a finished product that works well for you. 

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If you prefer,, we work with a number of companies, directly and through partners to ensure that your LAN/WAN infrastructure is capable of performing as you expect it to. At a minimum, you may need mid-span injectors to power your new VIOP appliances. But even if you need to change some routers or substantially reinforce your LAN/WAN at certain points, we will be there to help you determine what is required and to assist in getting it done, either as your vendor, or as a trusted advisor with expertise but no financial stake in the recommendation.

Secondary Product Markets

As the rush to VOIP accelerates, there is more and more used equipment available being removed and flooding the secondary market for those who are not in a position to benefit from VOIP. We take in trade, and can provide a number of these highly functional, traditional systems at prices similar to what a commodity class system would sell for new. We will often provide these systems on a rental basis for those who want to keep their options to transition to VOIP open.

Our rental agreements will often include an upgrade clause that would give you the opportunity to transition to VOIP at a later time, instead of being locked into a traditional lease.

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