About Us

When you think about Voice Over IP, think Real Time Networks. _ND31406-LR-.jpg

While many of our people have decades of expertise with making traditional legacy telephone systems work for our customers, today our focus is on helping our clientele leverage the benefits of VOIP. We are committed to helping you achieve the promise of reduced Total Cost of Ownership through the implementation of your new VOIP system, whether that is a site based or cloud based system.

From a product standpoint, we elected to take the unusual road of being product specialists.  The only VOIP product that we have offered is Mitel/ShoreTel.  While there are challenges in this approach, there are also rewards, for us and our clients.  A single product means that we can know it well, capabilities and limitations.  Our counterparts who choose to offer several products up and down the pricing spectrum are challenged by even more complexity, in a technological and business landscape that is already complex and dynamic.

We know that your implementations must be flawless. We will spend the time up front to understand your philosophies with regard to how you want to present yourself to you customers.  We will help you integrate those beliefs into the way that your system is implemented.  We will use our state-of-the-art testing and planning tools to help you ensure that this is so. From your network VOIP analysis to the web based project management and coordination; when you put the details in our hands you will get feedback and communications throughout the process. You will be able to sleep well knowing you are going to look good in the eyes of your customers and user base.

We pride ourselves on being professional enough to work well with your other vendors, too.  We understand that it is impossible to find a single vendor who is the best at everything from VOIP to Infrastructure to Network Security to Storage, etc.  The strategies that give you the best overall TCO and results will require that you have multiple vendors, working professionally together to develop and execute on the best possible solution for your organization.

Real Time Networks is truly a 21st century information technology company in that we have implemented our own data and VOIP network that along with our product specialization strategy, allows us to easily live and work wherever we chose, while still providing world class support and service to our clients anywhere in the world.

This kind of thinking allows us to attract and retain the very best in their fields who can choose to live where they want, with only the limitations of time (i.e. time zones their customers are in) to constrain their choices.

Beyond the use of the internet and other information age tools, we can claim a national marketplace because we invest in and utilize aircraft that allow us a degree of mobility that is unrivaled by our competitors. If you have important locations in remote places, you will want to consider our aviation competencies as part of your equation. With a little preplanning, we can put a qualified system engineer on your remote site within 2 hours if need be.

Don't be surprised if when you are talking to one of us you find that we are on the ski slope, a beach, motorcycling or hiking a mountain trail. We know how to use this technology to liberate us. Let us show you!

Tim Scarafiotti