Is VoIP Reliable?

There were a lot of horror stories in the early days of VOIP. Today, an architecture like the ShoreTel system can deliver an honest 99.999% reliability. This architecture is reliant on an embedded Operating system, VXWorks™. Never a spinning disk! Of course, any VOIP system will only be as reliable as your network. That is why we get involved in the analysis of the system at Real Time Networks. If you provide internal support for your system, your team's training will also be a prime determinant of your reliability. You can't expect to operate with that kind of reliability without properly trained people on your staff. Real Time Networks will help you to analyze this too, and we can provide the outsource for support until you get your team up to speed.

Why is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Lower with a VOIP system?

TCO is lower with a VOIP system for a number of reasons.

  • Vendor independence - The ShoreTel system is so friendly at the administrator level, that with a half day of training, you will be able to eliminate your reliance on a vendor to accomplish moves and changes for you.
  • Scalability - Because the ShoreTel system is comprised of these building blocks, you will never have to worry about a "forklift" upgrade again. Just keep adding the blocks to the system as you grow it.
  • Upgrade Protection - When you buy ShoreTel support, you are entitled not only to fixes for problems that are discovered and resolved, but upgrades including new features as well.
  • Toll Skipping - You will be able to avoid toll charges by routing calls to other cities where you have offices over your WAN rather than a Long Distance carrier. Of course all your calls to your own offices in other cities will go over you WAN as well.
  • Elimination of your voice cabling network - Instead of installing and maintaining two networks, one for voice and one for data, you can use one for both voice and data.
  • Increased productivity - Because of the higher level of integration between all your systems (voice, data, voice mail, e-mail, fax) your people will be far more productive.

How much will it cost to train people and how many will we need to train?

It depends on how much you want to do. We will help you to develop a plan based on your philosophy and strategy, but; most organizations find that someone doing another job can easily take over administration of the ShoreTel system with no more than the 1/2 day of Administration Training. Other customers have chosen to certify their whole IT staff with onsite training sessions, so that everyone is well versed in the operation of the system. The longer "Implementing ShoreTel" school is a 5 day class that covers the system in some depth.

What about service, support and upgrades?

Again, you have some options. At a foundational level, you will want to get ShoreCare Partner Support. This will provide you with software support and upgrades for your system. Depending on the level of training you provide your people, this may be sufficient.

If you prefer not to take on "turn-key" responsibility for your system, we can negotiate various levels of support to help you fill in the gaps based on your plan and your needs.

Why would I do business with Real Time Networks?

We believe there are a number of good reasons to select Real Time Networks as your VOIP provider

  • We are committed to being VOIP specialists. There are hundreds of integrators out there who are dabbling by adding VOIP to their offerings. With much of our background being from the telephony side of the technology field, we believe focus is required. The caller whose phone is out of service has a different level of urgency than one whose PC, or even their voice mail is down. Voice reliability is mission critical.
  • Experience - We have installed thousands of telephone systems over the years and made them work. We will do the same with VOIP systems!
  • Honesty - Hopefully you will get a feel for out character right away as you begin to deal with us. We are committed to the character of our organization and its people above all else.
  • Special Capabilities - Among our experience and special capabilities, we have a high percentage of pilots in our organization. With our roots in the vast western states, we had to learn how to take care of customers over broad distances. We don't believe anyone else goes quite as far or fast as we do to deliver exceptional service.