Working at Real Time Networks

It will never be boring!

We are always hiring the best and brightest at Real Time Networks. If you are the best at what you do in the VOIP arena, we may be the right place for you. We wont have time to explain to you how VLAN's, subnet masking, DNIS, or ANI work. You should already have a good understanding of Network Security, VPN's and some basic knowledge of all the market players.

At this time we are particularly interested in Sales Engineers who have a background with competitive VOIP products (particularly Cisco), in a multi-site arena and enough hands on experience to be able to expose the complexity and confusion that these other products create with their "solutions". Successful applicants will be both knowledgeable and articulate; Comfortable in stating the facts without overstating them.

It is a plus for us if you are also an experienced pilot with a current instrument rating. We have learned that one of the best ways for us to take care of customers in remote locations on the days when tunneling, webinars and video conferencing is insufficient, is to fly to them. If you have a fear of small aircraft, you probably won't be comfortable working with us. We use them on a regular basis. Beats checking flight times and standing in the security line at the airport.

We highly value initiative and a strong work ethic, but simultaneously appreciate people who know how to say "enough" and take some time off for recreation and family. We do not want to be a burnout factory. As important as serving our customers is, we also want to provide you with an environment and leadership that are conducive to building good character.

We are currently accepting resumes via e-mail, in PDF form for;

Multi-Site UC System Sales - Southern California (2)
Multi-Site UC System Sales - Denver, CO
Multi-Site UC System Sales - Phoenix, AZ
VOIP Field Engineer - All Geographies

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